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Mearth City 2024 E-Scooter

Mearth City 2024 E-Scooter

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGNWeighing just 19 kg, Mearth City E-Scooter offers optimal portability without compromising on performance. URBAN EXPLORERConquer inclines with ease, thanks to its impressive max climbing angle of 20°, making...
Mearth cyber electric scooter

Mearth Cyber E-Scooter

The high-tech, futuristic e-scooter we all dream of is now a reality, it exists – THE FUTURE IS HERE and so is the Mearth Cyber.The Mearth Cyber is a ‘smart’...
Mearth GTS Air E-Scooter

Mearth GTS Air E-Scooter

Specifications: Motor Power: 1200w (Dual Motor) Battery: 48V 15.6AH Top Speed: 45-50km/hr Max Range: 35-55km Weight: 24.9kg Charging Time: 7.5 Hours Max Load: 120kg Wheel Diameter: 8x3 Inches
Mearth rs electric scooter

Mearth RS 2023 E-Scooter

The Mearth RS Series offers everything that you need for your daily trips.Equipped with a 500W Motor Power, 10-inch wheels, and a sturdy build, the Mearth RS Series can take...
Mearth RS Outback E-Scooter

Mearth RS Outback E-Scooter

It's clear that the Mearth RS Outback electric scooter has numerous impressive features but the best standout asset is the Dual Motor Dominance and Off-Road Capability! Because of its power,...