Mearth RS Outback E-Scooter

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It's clear that the Mearth RS Outback electric scooter has numerous impressive features but the best standout asset is the Dual Motor Dominance and Off-Road Capability! Because of its power, the Mearth RS Outback can run a maximum speed of 40 km/h and a maximum range of 70-100 km. Who can ride it? Anyone within 120 kg. Now that’s also impressive. This feature encapsulates the essence of the scooter's adventurous spirit and aligns perfectly with the target audience's desire for thrilling and off-road experiences.

But that’s not it, the Mearth RS Outback carries the Spring Suspension System! These are front and rear spring damping works to make your ride smoother than ever, often referred to as a rear dual suspension system known to be a mechanical setup designed to absorb and dampen the shocks, vibrations, and impacts the Mearth RS Outback while in motion, particularly when traversing uneven or bumpy surfaces.


Maximum speed is capped at 25km/hr by default. It can be manually overridden by the user to go up to 40km/hr, however we do not recommend going past 25km/hr unless in a safe and controlled environment. The top speed and max range was determined in a lab condition with a smooth surface with a 60-70kg load at 15km/hr. Top speed, maximum range, max load are not possible to achieve all at the same time. Our scooters evolve from time to time. We may upgrade the lights, change the shape of the tail lights and mudguard from time to time without notice etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nice but not perfect

I've had the RS outback for several weeks and like it a lot.
After some re-assembly and greasing, the suspension works much better. It has plenty of power and reasonable range. Very limited in fancy distracting features. A battery level indicator, a speedo (no odometer) and a power mode indicator light. No bluetooth or flashy display. It's kind of the motocross bike of the scooter world.

Out of the box the suspension was solid as a rock. I disassembled all the suspension including the the main swing arm pivot points. These have bearings which is nice but who ever assembled it got carried away with the rattle gun. It was so tight it hardly moved and now the bearings feel as if they have damage due to side loading. I applied some grease and re-assembled it. The 4 bearings are inexpensive (6001RS) so I plan to buy some quality ones soon and re-do the job. Don't over tighten the bolts just take up any side play. The nuts are a "Prevailing torque" type and will not self loosen.
This process also extended to the shock pivot points. All it would have taken at the factory is some grease and assembly training and this scooter would be close to perfect. Minus 1 star for this only

Unlocking it gets its top speed to 50km/h. Once the suspension is freed up it gets a little sketchy at this speed. I'm thinking a steering damper might help. But plush when hitting those pavement steps and tree roots that most scooters need to avoid.
Off road it's pretty good. I do some tight single trails with small jumps, ruts and rocky sections and it soaks it up pretty good considering the wheel size.

This is purely a toy for me to blast around on but as a commuter it may be better with more on-road tyres. The knobby tyres let out a bit of a whir noise on sealed pavement. Like mud tyres on a 4X4. This helps to let people know you are coming up behind them but it may be a little intimidating because it's not a noise you hear while out walking on the cycle paths. Quite a few people abruptly turn around when they hear me coming. The bell is very quiet and sometimes takes a couple pulls to get a loud ding. I always slow right down and having off road ability means I can go out on to the grass to go around. A lot of people say thanks when I do that. Just be mindful of others, it's a big, fast and noisy scooter. But most of all it's heaps of fun.

Stephen Moore

Nice, powerful scooter

Chris Phillips

Overall this scooter is absolutely perfect for a short commute somewhere close. I use it for traveling on my college campus since my classes are very far from my dorm.

Jeffrey Long

I love this product, quality, easy to use, comfortable, elegant. This scooter has it all!

Deborah King

I like my scooter a lot. However, riding on brick roads can be choppy. If you want the smoothest possible ride you will need better tires. That being said, this is an excellent entry-level ride.